pink dog food

‘Real Housewives’ Star’s Glitzy Pink Dog Food Makes Pets Disgustingly Sick

Disgruntled customers exclaim “I will NEVER buy this nausea in a bag again!”
pink dog food

It might be pink, but the results ain't pretty.

Kameron Westcott, star of The Real Housewives of Dallas, should really rethink her aspirations — her career selling dog food is decidedly done.

Thus far, Westcott’s storyline on the show has put the spotlight on her dog food brand SparkleDog, a bright pink “premium” product whose profits benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. But writers of the show might have to rethink their angle after word gets out about how awful the dog food apparently is for pets.


Though Westcott herself deems her product “the finest of everything inside and out,” the poor, unsuspecting pooches who’ve been served the hot pink gruel beg to differ. When the brand was released, its success looked promising.


Rave reviews were rolling in, proclaiming that dogs loved the festive food. However, the integrity of those reviews is being called into question now that consumers have gotten more of a chance to try the product.

All the food’s recent reviews are, in a word, horrifying.

“After feeding my bulldog this ‘food,’” one reviewer divulged, “she had completely blown out her a** and had diarrhea everywhere!!!! … Make sure you buy a tarp to keep your dog on.”

“This food is gross and will stain your carpets and everything your dog comes into contact with,” another warned of the bright pink dye. “Please also note that most of the positive reviews are not verified purchases.”

The reviews continued to get more and more extreme as customers consulted doctors and vets about what on Earth was happening to their dogs’ bowels after eating this food.

“My moms vet told her it was poisoning her dog. Dog was dehydrated, vomiting, diarrhea, and very weak and not himself. This should be banned,” an upset reviewer urged customers away from spending their money on the toxic product.

But we thought reality stars were so honest! Westcott has officially been called out — it’s likely her previous reviewers were less than earnest, to say the least.

However, the star stands by her brand. She explained that the negative reviews were the ones that were forged — and that her company has contacted Amazon about taking the reviews down.

“Based on internal tests we have found that dogs bowel movements are unaffected by our food,” she told Page Six.


So whether the food is poisonous to dogs or not is up for debate — the real question is who dares try it to find out. The pink stuff is either completely fine or, as reviewers say, one of the worst things you can give your pets.