21 Things Only People From the South Say

Y’all ain’t ready for this

Things are a little different down South. Nobody would really deny that. The southern United States has its own distinctive traditions, food, and accents, making it one of the most fascinating regions in the country. Of course, to go along with all of the other quirks and differences in the South, there’s a whole world of Southern dialect and phrases that Yankees and other Americans simply have no idea about.

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Sure, all of y’all know about how often Southerners use y’all, but do you know the particular nuances of “bless your heart?” It’s a loaded phrase you’ll only hear in the South, and it’s not the only thing only people from the South say.

Indeed, these 21 words and phrases are 100 percent bona fide Southern sayings. In the true style of the South, there are plenty of similes and metaphors, regular words with the Gs dropped off, and a few passive-aggressive utterings. That’s all a part of that Southern charm and politeness, though. So settle in to your britches, here are things that only people from the South say

Carolyn Menyes and Matt Sulem contributed to this report.