10 Southern Wedding Traditions Every Bride Will Love

Whether it's carrying the bride over the threshold or throwing a bouquet of flowers to the single women in attendance, there are plenty of wedding traditions that are used all over the country. But there are others that are special for people from the South. Each wedding tradition is marked with beautiful symbolism. Although wedding trends have changed over the years, these Southern wedding traditions have stood the test of time.

Bridal portraits

This wedding tradition is meant to be for the bride. After getting a hair and makeup trial or on the big day itself before walking down the aisle, brides will take a series of solo portraits to document the day. This tradition has spread across the U.S and is most notably used in the South, but it started in Europe. It's meant to give the bride a way to remember how beautiful she looked on her wedding day. Just remember to respect the photographer.

Burying the bourbon

The South loves its bourbon so much that there's an entire wedding superstition centered around it. To avoid rain ruining their wedding day, couples will bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at their ceremony site one month before the big day.

Outdoor weddings

It's usually a lot warmer in the south compared to other parts of the United States, so why not enjoy that warm weather on your wedding day? Whether you want to celebrate in a garden or on the lawn of a gorgeous estate, there are plenty of great outdoor options. Worried it might rain? That's why you bury the bourbon.

Cake ribbon pull

Catching the bouquet isn't the only activity for single ladies at Southern weddings. Stemming from New Orleans, the cake ribbon pull involves the bride hiding small charms attached to string in the wedding cake and having her girlfriends each pull out a token. Each charm has a hidden meaning, such as a four-leaf clover for good luck or a hot air balloon for a new adventure.

Groom’s cake

Although it originated in England, this tradition is often used in the South. Traditionally, this cake is a romantic gesture from the bride to her groom and is meant to show off his talents, interests or hobbies. This cake can be very creative and unique to the husband.

Pounding parties

There are plenty of ways to host the perfect wedding shower, but this Southern custom could be a hit with the bride-to-be in your life. This tradition is a half housewarming party and half wedding shower. Friends and family bring pantry items such as sugar, flour, butter and eggs by the pound. After the party, the couple may be interested in this list of easy dishes you can make with pantry staples.

Second line parade

As part of this New Orleans tradition, a band walks behind the newlyweds and the wedding party for their own personal parade. Filled with dancing, singing and a lot of fun, this is a great celebration that will lead everyone to the reception after the ceremony. This is just one of many creative wedding entertainment ideas.

Seersucker suits

It's tradition for a bride to wear white on the wedding day, but grooms have a little bit more creative license. It tends to get hot in the south, so in order to beat the heat, a groom and his groomsmen may sport seersucker suits. This fabric is stylish, thin and breathable to keep the men at the wedding feeling comfortable and cool.

House party

No, this isn't the same as a bachelor or bachelorette party. The house party is a group made up of people with an intimate connection to the bride and groom who will attend all the bridal activities and assist with ceremonial duties on the wedding day. Whether those duties be greeting guests or overseeing the guest book, the house party takes care of it all.

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