Sure Signs You Grew Up In The South Slideshow

Growing up in the South means that a single snowflake will shut down the entire town. But you also know that growing up in the South means that you spent every Sunday with your family at the church down the street, that can only drink your tea extra sweet, and that the debate about the right kind of barbecue sauce really is intense. There's nothing else quite like it.

A Single Snowflake Makes You Panic

Are there flurries in the forecast? It's time to head to the store, stock up on perishable food items, dig out an old pair of boots, and call off of school. An inch of snow is enough to instill a great fear in you.

All Vegetables Are Fried

Fried green tomatoes, fried okra, and fried onions on your macaroni and cheese are what make a healthy dinner, right?

Barbecue Sauce Debates Get Heated

The discussion regarding regional barbecue styles is intense. A debate between a rub or a mayonnaise-, vinegar-, honey-, or ketchup-based sauce can end in punches thrown.

‘Bless Your Heart’

Is it a sweet saying of genuine love and affection — or is it something you say to someone who is dumber than a sack of sweet potatoes? As a Southerner, you know the answer.

Camo Is Your Casual Wear, Your Formal Wear, and Your Pajamas

Even if you haven't actually been hunting a single time in your life, you rock camouflage like it's going out of style. But it will never go out of style.

Churches Are on Every Street

If it seems like there's a place of worship on every corner, that's because there is. You can't go a mile without running into a Protestant church, and you spent every Sunday in the pews growing up.

Country Music Blasts Out of Your Pickup Truck

You know there's nothing like the classics. Country music is in your blood, and you refer to Dolly, Hank, Johnny, Reba, and Loretta like they're old friends.

Every Carbonated Beverage Is 'Coke'

Sprite, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Rite, Pepsi: It doesn't matter. It's all "Coke" to you.

Everyone Younger Than You Is ‘Honey’ or ‘Darlin’

Every child is coined as one of these terms of endearment upon birth, and even when they're full-grown, to elders, they're "honey" for life.

Everyone Older Is ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’

You follow traditional, polite language and know that referring to someone as "sir" or "ma'am" is the only way to be a proper person. You're all about respect.

High School Football Is Everything

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!" You know that every Friday night, your entire town will be flooding the local stadium to watch your hometown boys take the win.

Knit Caps Are Toboggans

In most parts of the country, a toboggan is a sled that is designed to go down ice shoots. But since your part of the country rarely gets snowfall (and as we discussed, a single flake causes a panic), you know a toboggan is really a wool hat.

Roads Can Only Be Named After Where They End Up

"How do you get to Raleigh from here?"
"Just go straight down Raleigh Road."
Easy enough.


English is a curious language that has no plural form of "you." But you know the actual official way to address a grouping of people is "y'all."

You Love Your Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is so important to you that you don't even need the adjective: It's just tea. You also know that sweetening this iconic beverage with anything other than pure sugar is a cardinal sin.

You Were Always Barefoot

No shoes? No problem! You're just going over to your neighbor's house for supper. You also are keenly aware of exactly what kind of cement is good to walk on in all weather and what kinds are not.

Your Car Has a Number Decal On It, and Everyone Knows What It Means

No. 3 forever. Go Dale!

Your Favorite Sports Team Is From a College You Didn’t Attend

You scream "Roll Tide!" every weekend in the fall, with a cold beer and burger in your hand at the tailgate. You went to a small Christian college and not the University of Alabama, but that doesn't matter on Saturday.

You’re Polite to a Fault

You say "pardon me" at every possible occasion, know to call your parents' friends by Mr. and Mrs., and will always assist the elderly when you can. Being this polite slows down your own life, but you don't know any other way of living.

You’ve Actually Seen Tobacco and Cotton Fields

Whereas most of the country has never really even seen a tobacco or cotton field, you drive past them every single day. You also know that cigarettes are dirt cheap and when you travel up north, you know to stock up.