What Makes Bojangles’ Biscuits So Damn Good?

Seriously, these things are works of art

Things of beauty.

If you’ve ever grabbed food at a Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits, we really hope you paid attention to the last word on the sign. Because these biscuits are really good, quite possibly the best fast-food biscuit out there and definitely good enough to rival those served at real-deal Southern restaurants. So what’s their deal, exactly? What makes them so good?

These biscuits were actually instrumental to the chain’s success. When Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas opened the first location in 1977 in Charlotte, North Carolina, they only served fried chicken, and even though they were successful, the restaurant really didn’t take off until a couple months later, when biscuits were added to the menu.

The process behind the biscuit-making is actually pretty insane. Every location has a full-time employee whose sole job is to make those biscuits. Before they make their first biscuit, however, they have to go through a rigorous training regimen and even sign a detailed contract. The biscuits are made by hand (buttermilk is part of the secret recipe) and baked for exactly 20 minutes, and the process has a whopping 48 individual steps. On average, each restaurant cranks out 945 of them daily.

The role of Master Biscuit Maker is a prized one in the Bojangles’ organization, and every year there’s even a Master Biscuit Maker competition in which each Master Biscuit Maker creates a batch of biscuits which are judged on taste, color, and size; the winner takes home a cash prize.


Even though they’re light and flaky, you probably don’t want to eat too many of them in one sitting. According to the company, each biscuit contains 340 calories, 17 grams of fat, and seven grams of saturated fat.