Caramel Apples


Fun Fall Party Favor Ideas

Everyone loves getting party favors, but these fall-inspired ones are perfect for your next party

Let’s be honest, party favors are one of the best parts of going to any party. Everyone wants to give their guests something clever, useful, and creative to take home. Fall-themed party favors are exciting because there are so many creative ways to give presents to your guests.

Sending your guests off with a treat they can eat on the way home will have them leaving your party fully satisfied. Dip pretzel sticks into melted chocolate and top them off with orange, red, and yellow sprinkles to create fall-colored chocolate pretzel sticks. With harvest season upon us, take some inspiration from apples and create caramel apples or caramel maple dip to sweeten your guests’ day. You can also send them home with something they can make on their own, like hot cocoa or tea leaves. Your guests will be thinking about your party long after it’s over.

If you don’t want to cook or bake, but you still want to send your guests home with a fall-inspired party favor, build tiny tissue paper pumpkins and wrap a few of your favorite candies inside them. This will be a surprise for all of your guests and is perfect for a birthday party favor.

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There are so many fantastic fall-inspired party favor ideas that are ideal for any birthday party or fall dinner party. With fall in full swing now, you can use these cute party favors as an excuse to throw a bash any time this season!