3 DIY Drink-Mix Party Favors

Jar these delicious mixes up for a unique party favor

Mix Party Favors

Admittedly, some party favors are super lame. Do the kids really need another breakable plastic toy? Do your guests at the shower you are hosting truly want a plastic bottle of bubbles? The best favors are the ones that are both adorable and functional. What is the easiest way to accomplish both goals?Make it a DIY project. One super-simple approach to this project is the personal and delicious drink mix jar. Using powdered drink products and a few tasty, well-paired toppings can make for a scrumptious and delicious favor. Check out three of our suggestions to make your next party a hit!

Lemonade Mix
Powdered lemonade mix and a few sugary sweet marshmallows make an adorable summertime favor. Use pastry bags or mini-mason jars to get the look!

Hot Cocoa Mix
Whether the event is for kids or adults, hot cocoa will never steer you wrong. Try adding flavored marshmallows that pair well with chocolate and even add a few tasty chocolate morsels to make your favor look more decorative.

Tea Mix
The best part about doing a DIY tea leaf jar is that there is a tea for every type of event. You can also be playful and mix tea leaf flavors or simply use a variety of tea bags for your guests.


This post was originally published on February 24, 2014.