Party Favors Adults Will Love

Treat your guests to favors they will actually love
Party Favors

These party favors will definitely make your guests smile!

Admittedly, some party favors are super lame. Do your guests at the shower you are hosting truly want a plastic bottle of bubbles? The best favors are the ones that are both adorable and functional, especially when it comes to party favors for an adult crowd.

With a little DIY flare and a creative touch, you can make these three party favors work for adult guests attending any of your parties!

Personalized Wine Glasses

All you need is acrylic paint and a steady hand and you can make monogrammed wine glasses for your guests! If you aren’t too keen on painting fancy letters, try using a stencil to make it a little easier!

Coffee Satchels

What adult doesn’t love freshly ground coffee? Pour some fresh beans into a burlap satchel and stencil “thank you” on the bag in black for a treat they can enjoy the next morning!

Clumped Cookie Cutters


With a simple ribbon or hemp string, tie cookie cutters together in a bundle for a party favor. Make sure the cutters match your theme and you’ll have a fun and functional party favor!