Easy Slow-Cooker Snacks to Eat While You Watch Sunday Football

Keep your Sunday lazy with these easy recipes
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Slow-Cooker Teriyaki Chicken and Mac Salad Sliders


Make your sliders even more amazing by adding mac salad.

Football Sunday is the time to relax on the couch, drink beer, eat food, and enjoy an awesome game. No one wants to be stressed by anything other than the fantasy football stats on game day. Instead of struggling to cook or order in food, make these easy, incredible slow-cooker snacks to enjoy while you watch the game. Serve them up hot for all of your friends to chow down on while they enjoy a day full of football. You won’t believe how simple and delicious these slow-cooker appetizers are.

Candied Nuts

Candied nuts smell incredible when they’re cooking, and are even more delicious to snack on while you’re watching a game. This Sunday, throw these nuts and some sweet spices into your slow cooker for some delicious candied nuts.

Click here for the Slow-Cooker Candied Nuts Recipe.

Crock-Pot Jalapeño Spinach Dip

There’s nothing that says game day like chips and dip, and making this one using a Crock-Pot allows you to focus your attention on the television. This spicy take on classic spinach dip uses jalapeños to give it that surprising bite.

Click here for the Crock-Pot Jalapeño Spinach Dip Recipe.

Slow-Cooker Sausage and Meatball Bites

This recipe for these meatballs is so simple. Plus, it comes with 10 deliciously different sauces to serve with your sausage and meatball bites. Your guests will love how each dipping sauce pairs with the bites.

Click here for the Slow-Cooker Sausage and Meatball Bites.

Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken Nachos

Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken Nachos


Check out these cheesy nachos!

These nachos are filled with cheese, sour cream, beans, and shredded seasoned chicken to create a messy, delicious plate to share with your friends. Nachos are the perfect food for game day because they’re easy to make in a slow-cooker and are ideal for sharing.

Click here for the Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken Nachos Recipe.

Slow-Cooker Teriyaki Chicken and Mac Salad Sliders

Sweet, juicy teriyaki chicken topped with creamy mac salad served on Hawaiian rolls is the perfect thing to chow down on for game day. You won’t believe this incredible sandwich was made in a slow-cooker!


Click here for the Slow-Cooker Teriyaki Chicken and Mac Salad Sliders.