5 Easy Dips to Make on Football Sunday

These recipes are so easy you’ll be able to make them during a commercial break
5 Easy Dips to Make on Football Sunday


Simple party dips for every Sunday football party.


There are perks to summer fading into fall: cooler weather, pumpkin everything, and of course, football. While team rivalries can certainly drive a wedge between friends and even family (blood isn’t thicker than football), there are some football season rituals that bring us together — like tailgates.

Whether you are gathering to watch the game at a friend’s house or throwing a parking-lot party outside the stadium, football gatherings require food. Portable and shareable foods are key, which is why dips are an ideal choice for your next football-viewing party.

Dips come in a wide range of forms, from the healthy to the hearty. Pair with chips, crudités, or crackers for a delightful game-day treat.

These five dips will go a long way in helping you celebrate the wins and recover from the losses you will undoubtedly suffer this season. We’ve got something for everyone, from hummus for the vegetarians and health-conscious to spinach dip — a game-day favorite — to taco dip (who even knew that existed?). Try one paired with your favorite ice-cold beer for a perfect football Sunday afternoon. 

Robin’s Best Ever Hummus.
Keep canned chickpeas in the pantry for last-minute hummus; all you need is a food processor and some spices. Sprinkle the hummus with paprika for some flavor and presentation.


Tzatziki Sauce.
A Greek cucumber-yogurt dip, tzatziki sauce is also used as a topper for gyros, lamb, and other meat dishes.


Hot Crab Dip Recipe.
Just mix and bake this dip until warmed through. Serve with crackers and baguette.


Spinach Dip.
Water chestnuts add some crunch to this game-day favorite. Add in chopped canned artichokes for extra flavor.

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Quick and Easy Taco Dip.
Four pantry ingredients is all it takes to make this addictive dip. Top with taco garnishes like olives, chopped onion, and jalapeños to step it up a notch.


Originally published on September 10, 2014. Additional Reporting by Angela Carlos, Cook Editor at The Daily Meal.


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