9 Fun Rainy Day Entertaining Ideas Slideshow

Bubble Bath Date

A rainy day is ideal for a warm and cozy bubble bath — whether it's for one or two people. Luckily for you, we have a great menu for such an occasion. 

Nose in a Book

Some people would rather some quiet, alone time during such a dreary day, so why not stick your nose in a book and get lost for a little while? Here's a 50 Shades of Grey menu for the adults and a few great food-filled kid reads for the little tikes in your home. 


Have a ton of old family recipes and new creations you've been meaning to store away? Invest in a great recipe box or a binder and make it happen finally. 

It's Picnic Time

Picnic Time

While National Picnic Day is just a few days away, don't let the rain get you down — picnic indoors! Lay a blanket down and make it romantic or host a potluck with your pals instead of going out for a night on the town.

Snuggle-In Theater

Sure, a drive-in movie theater always sounds great, but if it's pouring outside we're not leaving our couch. So, tune into your Netflix instant queue or rent a few movies on demand — and get to snacking with these great ideas.

Stay-at-Home Spa

You've got the time and plenty of ingredients in your fridge — now get those pores glowing at your own at-home spa.    

Board Game Fun

If you're all at home together, a rainy day is a great time to get a little competitive.


The best shopping is the kind that you don't have to leave your bed for — online shopping that is. We've recently rounded up some great must-haves for your home. Take a cue and start spending.