A Bubble Bath Date Menu

It’s cold outside, so where to go when you’re in need of a cozy retreat? The tub!

It’s freezing outside and you’re in need of a warm, cozy comfortable retreat — where to head? Back under the covers? In front of the fireplace? No, no, this time, you’re stepping into the bathtub — and you’re not alone.

In honor of not only the winter, but the quickly approaching romantic holiday, we’re prepping you for a date in the tub. Whether that’s a date with a great book and a bottle of champagne or with a companion, we’re going to make this bubble bath one to remember — with a menu ideal for bubble time.

Now, if you’re thinking we’re insane that’s OK — you’ve obviously never dined in the tub (your loss), so we’re here to convince you to do so with our lists of must-eats for bath tub lounging. But before we get to the menu, how about a little ambiance first?

• Bubbles: Fragrance and maximum fluff is key. While we’re dying to recommend Mr. Bubble, this is a bath for adults, so we’re going to treat it like one and suggest Sabon or Philosophy for the ultimate bubbles.

• Ambiance: Obviously candles are a must, but in addition, here is a collection of songs that are fit to set the mood.

• Cocktails: Champagne is a necessity, whether it’s straight or in one of our favorite cocktails: a bellini or a mimosa (these are ideal for brunch bath dates.) If not champagne, then we’re going to say stick to brown liquor; scotch, bourbon, and whiskey make for relaxing bath time accompaniments as well. If you’re into it, we’ll allow a light beer — in a glass only, though.

Now for the menu:

• Chocolate-covered strawberries, because those are a given for any romantic fete.

• Sweets like chocolates, macarons, and cookies. Nothing too crumbly, though — we’re thinking Marie Antoinette-esque
• Tea sandwiches and scones because they’re hand-friendly and light.


• Charcuterie is another finger-friendly snack. Set out a charcuterie or a cheese plate to snack on together.

• Olives, because they're savory and light.

• Sushi, a cold, ready-to-eat dish, is perfect for those having a dinner bath date.

• Deviled eggs are ideal for both a brunch and dinner bath date.


Before you disregard our idea of a bath date on the whole, just think about how relaxing it could be — seriously. Then times it by two. This could just be the perfect date.