Favorite Food-Related Children's Books

Some of us grew up at the kitchen table watching our grandmothers and mothers make amazing dishes come to life, like blueberry pie or a classic dish of spaghetti. While we had front row seats to the delicious action, some other kids weren't so lucky... unless they were reading a book.

Check out our favorite foodie children's books!

The stories of children's books take kids to the deep blue sea, outer space, and to worlds with giant bean stalks and a houses made entirely of sweets. They take young readers on adventures of all kinds, in the Wild West, the jungle, or even the kitchen.

Yes, the kitchen. Some of the most popular literary pastimes of American children are books or stories that are food-related. So it was no shocker that when we asked editors at The Daily Meal about their favorite children's books that most of them were about food. A foreshadowing perhaps? We think so, too!

Story time is always a great idea for play dates, class activities, and parties. Kids could bring their favorite book and a snack that goes along with the story and there you have it — a literary potluck by kids for kids! Easy as pie!

What was your favorite foodie book when were a kid? Let us know in the comments!