10 Boozy Spa Treatments

What has drinking booze ever really done for you? Yes, it's delicious and can make an evening more fun, but it also is hangover-inducing and inspires irrevocable behavior, including (but not limited to) drunk-texting. It may be called "liquid courage," but it rarely has your best interests at heart.

Well, it turns out that booze has got a nice side and it comes in the form of exfoliants, body wraps, massage oils, and soaking tubs. Spas around the world have been perfecting the craft of using liquor, wine, and beer in spa treatments and the range is impressive. Whether you feel like bathing in beer in Austria or being scrubbed with wine grape seeds in Sonoma, you'll never look so good after having spent so much time with booze.

No matter what type of alcohol you are partial to, there is a spa treatment for you. From a special "Gin and Tonic" service for men in London to tequila-based services in Mexico, these ten services will let you get to know a whole new side of that evil force that made you send a nasty email to your ex.

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