The 10 Best Brownie Sundaes In America

There's really nothing like a great brownie sundae. Brownies and ice cream are great on their own, but when you combine the two, something truly magical happens.

The 10 Best Brownie Sundaes in America (Slideshow)

Digging into a brownie sundae is one of life's simple pleasures. The (preferably warm) brownie on the bottom serves as a foundation for cold ice cream, creating a crazy-good interplay of flavors, textures, and temperatures. And a sundae isn't a sundae without toppings, which can range from a drizzle of hot chocolate or butterscotch sauce to whipped cream, nuts, bananas, cherries... The possibilities are endless.

In order to find the country's best, we started by combing through online reviews from both professionals and amateurs to track down brownie sundaes that have acquired a considerable amount of buzz. Unlike, say, a great plate of chicken and waffles, great brownie sundaes tend to stay under the radar and don't single-handedly put businesses on the map, so it may not be abundantly clear when a great one is right under your nose. But whether it's on a restaurant's dessert menu or sold at a desserts-only shop or ice cream parlor, we're confident that these are the best around.

So, read on to learn which brownie sundaes are the best in America. No brownie is complete without a scoop of ice cream on top of it, and no scoop of ice cream is complete without a brownie underneath it, and hot fudge completes the package. If you find yourself hankering for a brownie sundae for dessert tonight, then you're welcome.

#10 Kaminsky’s Baking Company, Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina

This charming coffee shop is renowned for its fresh-baked pastries and other baked goods, especially its Dutch cocoa brownies, served warm. Get yours topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and pecans; It's a steal at $6.

#9 Sonoma Wine Garden, Santa Monica

This Santa Monica standby is a great spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner, but if you just want to stop by for dessert you'll be rewarded as well. Grab a seat on the sprawling outdoor patio and order the Banana Split Sundae: It's a brûléed banana and brownie topped with caramel sauce, candied pecans, marshmallow gelato, vanilla whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries. It'll take you right back to your childhood.