10 Prettiest Thanksgiving Turkeys On Pinterest (Slideshow)

The Regal Turkey

This beautiful bird belongs in a museum next to the bust of Benjamin Franklin himself. Just look at that perfectly crispy skin and that tantalizing gravy boat. Even the turkey twine looks like the finest twine in all the land!

The Sex Pot Turkey

If there were any turkey in the world that had a "come hither" look about it, this would be it. This is the turkey you have a secret love nest with. The turkey appears to us au naturel, with no trimmings or trusses to distract us. Just look at that breast — and those legs! Ahem, er, excuse us...

The Girlfriend Turkey

Wholesome, hearty, and just plain beautiful, this is the type of turkey you'd take home to mom. With obvious texture and perfectly positioned accessories, this turkey would steal the show at any Thanksgiving table

The Modest Turkey

This gorgeous bird is trying to hide behind fresh sprigs of rosemary, but we see you! We love the orange accents for the turkey platter that perfectly highlight that beautiful, dark complexion. 

The Hipster Turkey

We could like totally see this turkey in Portlandia. It's just sitting there, all ironic looking against those Christmas cranberries like, wishing it had black framed glasses and a PETA T-shirt on. 

The Retro Turkey

What a groovy turkey, man! We love these bright colors and beautiful table accessories that straddle the line between '60s mod and hippie chic. 

The Classic Turkey

Pinkies up if you are drinking wine with a turkey like this on the table. This picture looks like it was snapped in a New England cottage in 1813. We love how simplistically beautiful this turkey looks. 

The Artistic Turkey

If this turkey were a kid in high school, it would totally be the kid with a full ride to art school. We love how this aptly named "Apple Brined Turkey" is carved into beautiful slices fit for any beautiful Thanksgiving table. 

The Bro Turkey

What a beautiful turkey, bro. I mean, like Epic Meal Time at its finest, Bro-do Baggins. Aside from serving it on the Xbox One, this bacon-wrapped turkey is the most beautiful turkey presentation we've ever seen, bro! 

A Simple Turkey

Sometimes turkeys are perfect just the way they are. With just a few light beauty tricks, suddenly this turkey is practically glowing.