9 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table

Host a festive Thanksgiving dinner with these tips
Thanksgiving Wines

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Make your Thanksgiving dinner table stand out with these tips.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to begin planning your menu and getting your dining room prepared for the biggest holiday feast of the year. Are you planning a formal dinner or going totally informal? Do you prefer a clean color palette or is holiday-festive more of your thing? No matter what your style is, we’ve got a few tips that are going to help you create a chic tabletop.

9 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table

When it comes to tabletop décor, it is generally best to try to keep things casual with a touch of elegance.  A cluttered table-top could take away from the beauty of your dining table. If you’re hosting a family style dinner party, serve your food in trendy dinnerware so that even your menu presentation will serve as table top décor. There’s nothing like a tabletop full of your favorite dishes cooked to perfection — now that’s very “Instagrammable.” You don’t want to overcrowd your table with so many flowers and decorations that it is complicated for your guests to enjoy their meal.

For a more formal dinner, remember:  it is fall, so your flowers should complement the season.  Arrange a variety of autumnal flowers like orange dahlias, peach roses, fiddlehead ferns or deep red peonies — you should also consider using fresh berries and herbs as a centerpiece as well. Check out a few more tips below to make sure your Thanksgiving table atmosphere is as memorable as the food you prepare.

Appealing Palette

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There is something about edible tapletop decor.

When you’re planning your dinner, think about the color palette you’re going to use. Are you thinking of more oranges, reds, golds, and browns or are you thinking clean and white?  Keep in mind that too many colors mixed with foods can make the table appear too busy.

Dress up The Basics

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Fresh vegetables on the tabletop are perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner.


If your tabletop is covered in solid colors, such as a white or neutral tablecloth, add prints, patterns, and bold colors to accessorize. Stores like West Elm, Home Goods, and Pottery Barn are perfect for their linen patterns and tabletop collection.