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20 Foods and Drinks That Were Invented by Mistake

You could certainly call these 'happy little accidents'

You might not have realized it, but some of the most popular foods and drinks around were invented completely by accident.

20 Foods and Drinks That Were Invented by Mistake Gallery

Ask anyone who invents stuff for a living, and they’ll tell you that it’s an incredibly difficult and messy process. It’s rare that someone gets an idea for something, builds it perfectly on the first shot, and brings it to market exactly as he or she envisioned it. There’s tons of trial and error involved, and occasionally one of those trials or errors results in a product that’s completely different from the intended outcome, and also far superior.

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Some of these foods and drinks were the result of serious ingenuity, with years of fine-tuning and perfecting after the initial light bulb moment; others were the result of, well, accidentally dropping something into a deep-fryer. As with many origin stories, sometimes the complete truth has been lost to the ages, and the myth takes over, so it’s impossible to verify whether or not all of these stories are completely true (we make sure to mention when this is the case), but as legend may have it, all of the following foods and drinks were invented completely by accident.