These Restaurants Want You to Dine in Your Pajamas

Forget dressing for dinner

Hoshino Resorts' Kai Hakone in Hakone, Japan.

In 2018, even in the most upscale restaurants (unless it’s prom night), you’re unlikely to see people in black-tie attire. In recent years, however, there’s been some backlash against the vanishing of formality, nostalgia for the old days when people “dressed for dinner.” A quick Google search will turn up articles such as “Recovering the Lost Art of Dressing Up,” “For The Love of God, Stop Dressing Like Crap” and “Yes, It’s Summer. But You Still Can’t Wear Those Shorts in These Restaurants.”

These Restaurants Want You to Dine in Your Pajamas Gallery


Still, it looks like casual is here to stay. Maybe this will irk the wistful types and appall the formal types, but beyond casual dining lies dining so casual that customers don’t dress at all. Wouldn’t it be fun now and then to dine in your pajamas, the way you do at home? Without fear of judgment, without standing out among clothed diners, without being asked, are you ok?

“It’s the cultural expression of the death of the public sphere,” Robert Romanowski, vice president of visual merchandising at Giorgio Armani, tells The Daily Meal. That is, we don’t dress for the movies because we’re watching them at home. We often don’t even dress for socializing because, thanks to social media, we can socialize in private.

So getting dressed to go out to eat is becoming kind of old-fashioned. Here are six places around the world where folks chow down in their pajamas — and the management actually encourages it.