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The Daily Dish: UK Plans to Trick Squirrels With Contraceptive-Laced Nutella

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UK Plans to Trick Squirrels With Contraceptive-Laced Nutella

The U.K. has a problem with too many gray squirrels, and they’ve decided to start fighting off the invasive species by tricking them into eating contraceptive-laced NutellaAccording to The Independent, red squirrels are native to the U.K., but in the 1870s gray squirrels were introduced from North America. Gray squirrels are much bigger than red squirrels, compete for food, and also carry a virus that can kill red squirrels. To protect the native red squirrels, the U.K. has decided to start baiting gray squirrels with contraceptive-laced Nutella. The plan will involve putting the Nutella and contraceptives in boxes with doors that are too heavy for red squirrels to open, so only the gray squirrels can consume the laced Nutella.

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McDonald’s Opens Over Ancient Roman Road

McDonald’s ruffled some feathers in Italy when it decided to open a restaurant next to the Vatican, and now a new Italian McDonald’s in Rome has opened right on top of an ancient Roman road. According to The Local, the road was discovered when construction on the restaurant began in 2014. Construction was delayed while archaeologists excavated the Roman road, which dates back to the second century B.C.E. McDonald’s wound up financing the restoration project and building a see-through floor, so diners can gaze at the ancient road while they eat their burgers. Now the McDonald’s has opened as a “restaurant-museum,” complete with guides. Access to the road is free to the public and not contingent upon spending money at McDonald’s.


Boston May Ban Glassware From Bars After Too Many Bar Fights

Boston may soon be responsible for the return of the Solo cup. Boston’s Liquor Licensing Board is fed up with raucous fights at bar establishments and may ban glassware at restaurants and bars where multiple violent incidents have taken place, according to the Boston Herald. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill gritty Irish pubs, either. Several repeat offenders of violent bar fights that have resulted in broken glassware have been swanky spots, like Bond Lounge at the Langham Hotel. Needless to say, restaurants and bars aren’t thrilled about ditching their classier glassware for plastic cups that are more easily knocked over and scream “frat party,” rather than “adult drinking establishment.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow is Opening an Organic Café in New York City

Gwyneth Paltrow has dabbled in multiple industries as an actress, singer, cookbook author, and founder of a lifestyle website and beauty line. Her interest in promoting healthy living has now gone even one step further, as she plans to open a flagship location of her organic café in New York City mid-March. In 2015, Paltrow debuted the 3 Green Hearts concept as a pop-up at the Tracy Anderson fitness studio in the Hamptons. In the fall of 2016, Paltrow, Anderson, and CEO Maria Baum opened its first smaller New York City location at 271 Church Street. Now, the flagship location will open in a matter of weeks at 241 East 59th Street in Midtown Manhattan, Eater reported. The café will serve a menu offering coffee, smoothies, and prepared meals, along with branded merchandise by Tracy Anderson, whose fitness studio will be located next to the café.

Sankt Gallen

Japan Gets Set to Welcome Spring with Cherry Blossom Beer


It’s not quite cherry blossom season yet in Japan, but when it arrives, Sankt Gallen brewery will be ready with its new cherry blossom beer. The brewery’s famed seasonal cherry blossom beer is made using actual cherry blossom petals and leaves. It’s described as crisp and refreshing, and not particularly hoppy. The seasonal beer only turns up in spring, and is available in stores in Japan and online now, but only until the beginning of April.