Hamptons Guide: Best Bars and Restaurants

Heading out to the Hamptons? Drink and dine at some of the best bars and restaurants around.

Lobster rolls, flagels, specialty cocktails, and more can all be found in these best restaurants and bars of the Hamptons.

It’s summer, and for some lucky New Yorkers, whether they take the Jitney, hop on the Friday afternoon cannonball, or have a car to get them through the parking lot of 495, it means getting out of the city and out to the Hamptons. There's plenty of stops in the Hamptons, including West, Bridge, South, and East, to name a few, and that means lots of places to eat and drink. To direct you to the best food and drinks of the Hamptons, we narrowed it down to a list of our favorite restaurants and bars (both old and new) that can be found all over the southern fork of Long Island.

From classic burgers and fries at John’s Drive-In, the freshest of lobster rolls at Clam Bar, to Tom Colicchio’s hyped new restaurant at the Topping Rose House, there’s plenty to keep you satisfied in the Hamptons this summer. But many of the top restaurants offer more than top-notch food; charming locations, such as a spot tucked away on the waterfront of a marina, contribute to an overall experience that is a filling and soothing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When it comes to nightlife, people crave different things when they go out. Some just want the cheapest drinks they can find (don’t miss the $1 drafts at Liar’s Saloon), while others seek a big dance club so they can get all hot and sweaty and feel younger than they really are (Pink Elephant is making a come back this summer). 

But regardless of your preference, nothing beats grabbing a drink (or three) with friends at The Crow’s Nest Inn or The Sloppy Tuna after a long day at the beach. Check out our guide for the best of the establishments, as well as notable newcomers. 

What is your favorite spot to go to when spending summer weekends in the Hamptons? Leave a comment below.

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Cook Editor Annie Dolce contributed reporting to this article.