This Brewery Stuffed A Dead Squirrel With Beer And Is Selling It For $20,000

Well, now we've seen everything. Scottish brewing company BrewDog has released what just may be the weirdest (and most expensive) craft beer of all time.The End of History is a ludicrously boozy beer (55-percent proof) crafted from a recipe that hasn't been used in more than six years. The entire concoction is poured into a bottle and then sealed inside a taxidermized (yes, that means dead and stuffed) squirrel and sold for $20,000.

The End of History beer will be introduced into the craft brewery's American market at its new 10,000-square-foot brewery in Ohio, according to Munchies. The price may sound steep, but it will also get you an equity stake in the brewery, so then you can simultaneously brag about drinking beer out of a dead rodent and owning part of the brewery that put the strange beer in your hand in the first place.

The End of History beer takes seven months to brew and is distilled by freezing the beer down to negative-40 degrees Celsius to produce a very strong, powerful beer, according to Vice. The brewers will only be making 10 bottles of the stuff, so strike while the squirrel is hot.