The Daily Dish: Cookie Dough Clogs City Water Lines in Mississippi

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Cookie Dough Clogs City Water Lines in Mississippi

Cookie dough coming out of the faucets sounds like something out of a dream, but utilities officials in Madison County, Mississippi, said cookie dough runoff from a nearby company was causing serious problems to the area’s pipes and water. The local DeBeukelaer Corporation, producer of Pirouline wafer cookies, has been letting cookie dough get into the pipes, causing build-ups and clogs, according to the Madison County Journal. The problem seems to be coming from when the factory equipment is cleaned. The residual dough stuck to the machines is washed off, which then goes down the drain and gets stuck in the city's pipes.


Chocolate Incense From Japan Makes Your Home Smell Delicious

The irresistible smell of a chocolate factory can now be available in your home with chocolate incense sticks from Japan’s renowned Koukando incense company.  According to Rocket News 24, Osaka-based Koukando has been making incense for more than 130 years. This year it released a new chocolate scent as part of its “Memories of Scent” collection. The collection will go on sale in early February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Each box will be available for 850 yen, or around $7.42.

Image c/o BierYoga

Here’s How to Get in on the Beer Yoga Trend

Here’s a fitness trend that could make your usual tough and demanding yoga class go by a lot faster: beer yoga. BierYoga originated in (where else?) Germany and the idea has caught on pretty quick. “The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment [sic] each other, and make for an energizing experience,” BierYoga’s website reads. Certain yoga poses involve salutations with your beer and balancing the bottle on your head (no, we’re not joking). Co-founder Jhula, certified yoga instructor, first got the idea when she saw a similar concept at Burning Man in 2015.

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Switzerland to Stop Slaughter of Pregnant Cows

Starting next month, Swiss farmers will need to start checking that their cows aren’t pregnant before selling them for slaughter. Currently in Switzerland, farmers are not required to check if their cows are pregnant, and only about 30 percent of them do. As a result, an estimated 15,000 pregnant cows are slaughtered every year for meat in Switzerland, according to The Local. Animal rights group were furious and passed legislation to change how things are done. Starting Feb. 1, farmers in Switzerland will have to check all cows aged 18 months and older for pregnancy. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a cow is pregnant, in which case a vet must be called in for an examination. 


Vegemite Is Finally an Australian Brand Again After $350 Million Deal


Vegemite will again be owned by an Australian company after, surprisingly, being owned by American company Mondolez International for years. The salty, yeast-based spread was sold to Australia’s Bega Cheese in a deal worth approximately $345.3 million USD (or $460 million Australian dollars). The news has been greeted by Australians with approval, who had lamented in recent years that their most iconic brands had been sold off to other companies. Australians consume 22 million jars of Vegemite a year, according to The New York Times.