Osaka Restaurant Makes a Case for Buttered Sushi

Buttered eel is catching on in Japan

Buttered eel sushi is a big hit in Osaka. 

Butter makes a lot of things better. It is rich and creamy, and it adds extra deliciousness to almost anything. One Japanese restaurant chain decided butter is so delicious it could even improve sushi, and it turns out they were right.

According to Rocket News 24, the Osaka-based Jinen restaurant chain started adding pats of butter to the the top of its eel sushi, and the dish has been a hit.

“I’ve been wanting to have this!” exclaimed Instagram user Yoshitch. “Grilled eel and butter sushi. Excellent!”

Each dish consists of traditional vinegared rice topped with a slice of grilled freshwater eel. That’s then crowned with a pat of butter held in place by a little strip of seaweed. The heat from the eel softens the butter just enough to make it creamy, and fans say it makes the sushi feel like it is melting in their mouths.   

Butter and sushi seems like an odd pairing, but it is evidently catching on pretty well. It seems inevitable that it will branch out and start appearing on other sushi restaurant menus soon.