Cookie Dough Clogs City Water Lines in Mississippi

Cookie dough from a nearby factory is building up in water pipes in Madison County

City officials are complaining that cookie dough from a Pirouline company is clogging up city pipes. 

Cookie dough coming out of the faucets sounds like something out of dream, but utilities officials in Madison County, Mississippi, said cookie dough runoff from a nearby company was causing serious problems to the area’s pipes and water.

The local DeBeukelaer Corporation, producer Pirouline wafer cookies, has been letting cookie dough get into the pipes, causing build-ups and clogs, according to the Madison County Journal. The company reportedly said it was disposing of the cookie dough properly and denied its involvement in the issue. However, the municipal utilities chief said he had photos of water lines clogged with cookie dough, which is not nearly as delicious as it sounds.


The problem seems to be coming from when the factory equipment is cleaned. The residual dough stuck to the machines is washed off, which then goes down the drain and gets stuck in the city's pipes.