Chocolate Incense From Japan Makes Your Home Smell Delicious

New chocolate incense makes everything smell wonderful

Japan's renowned Koukando incense company has come out with a line of chocolate incense designed to provoke strong sense memories. 

The irresistible smell of a chocolate factory can now be available in your home with chocolate incense sticks from Japan’s renowned Koukando incense company.

According to Rocket News 24, Osaka-based Koukando has been making incense for more than 130 years. Of course, it produces many more traditional varieties of incense, but this year it released a new chocolate scent as part of its “Memories of Scent” collection.

The collection is designed to evoke memories through the smell of sweet milk chocolate. The chocolate set will go on sale in early February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Each box will be available for 850 yen, or around $7.42. The packaging actually makes it look like a box of chocolates.

Chocolate-scented incense would make a nice Valentine’s Day gift, but any recipient would probably want some real chocolate, too. If you’re sweetheart doesn’t want a chocolate overload, here are 21 other foods to serve on Feb. 14.