The Daily Dish: Coffee Might Be Extinct by 2080 Thanks to Climate Change

The Daily Dish - September 6, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

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Coffee Might Be Extinct by 2080 Thanks to Climate Change

A new report from Australia’s Climate Institute predicts a serious coffee shortage in the future. The authors estimate that by 2050, about half of the land currently used for growing coffee will no longer be able to produce quality beans, and by 2080, rising global temperatures could make the delicate coffee plant go completely extinct. A severe coffee shortage would affect the livelihoods of 25 million farmers around the world, and economies in South American and Southeast Asian countries would be severely impacted — and that’s not to mention the effects it would have on our mornings.

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Here’s Why the German Government Thinks Veganism is Unhealthy

The German government has condemned the vegan diet, calling it a poor source of nutrition for young children and pregnant/nursing mothers. A report by the German Nutrition Society argued that a “purely plant-based diet makes it more difficult to give the body some of the important nutrients it needs.” While acknowledging that vegans can have longer lifespans, the report argues that this is merely a result of an overall healthier lifestyle that includes more exercise, less smoking, and less alcohol.

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The Promise of Pizza Makes You More Productive at Work, Study Shows

A study found that the promise of a food reward actually makes us the most productive at work. Employees at a computer chip company were given three different types of rewards: pizza, praise, and a small bonus. The pizza group increased productivity by 6.7 percent, the group receiving praise increased productivity by about 6.6 percent, and the cash bonus group only became 4.9 percent more productive, falling behind the control group with no reward by the end of the week.

Inbal Hotel Rolls Out Jerusalem’s First Pop-Up Restaurants

The pop-up restaurant concept has finally made its way to Jerusalem thanks to the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, which has introduced a changing group of temporary restaurants on site. The first will offer a menu of fresh ingredients in dishes every Thursday through the end of the summer. Then, the hotel will replace the grill with the Soup Festival through the end of winter, and a new pop-up, to be announced, is coming in the spring.

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Godiva Releases its First Single-Origin Chocolate Bar Collection

Godiva is releasing its first line of single-origin chocolate. The cacao in each of the six new G by Godiva chocolate bars is sourced from Mexico. The six flavors are 42 percent milk chocolate, 68 percent dark chocolate, dark chocolate and toasted coconut, dark chocolate with orange peel and ginger, milk chocolate hazelnut crisp, and blonde chocolate with salted caramel.

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