Coffee Might Be Extinct by 2080 Thanks to Climate Change

Australia’s Climate Institute predicts half of the land that produces coffee will be unable to do so by 2050
Perhaps the world’s caffeine addicts will finally find a solution to climate change.


Perhaps the world’s caffeine addicts will finally find a solution to climate change.

Is coffee about to become an endangered species? A new report from Australia’s Climate Institute predicted a serious shortage.By 2050, the report’s authors estimate, about half of the land currently used for growing coffee will no longer be able to produce quality beans. By 2080, rising global temperatures could make the delicate coffee plant go completely extinct.

If you’re not worried yet because 2080 is in the distant future, you should start counting your beans: The coffee crisis has already started. We reported earlier this year that coffee farmers have seen an abundant crop this year, but according to Gizmodo, Brazil — where much of the world’s coffee is produced — has seen a dip in their stores overall over the past several years. Coffee shortages would affect the livelihoods of 25 million farmers around the world, and economies in South American and Southeast Asian countries would be severely impacted, the report said.


“Given the economic importance of coffee to many countries and the world, much is riding on how well climate risks can be reduced and managed,” authors of the report, A Brewing Storm, wrote. “Otherwise climate related damage to the coffee industry will only compound pressure on aid budgets. With warming of at least 1.5°C now seemingly inevitable, greater resilience and adaptive capacity in farming communities and supply chains is essential.”