Godiva Releases Its First Single-Origin Chocolate Bar Collection

Godiva is releasing its first line of single-origin chocolate. The cacao in each of the six new G by Godiva chocolate bars is sourced from Mexico, according to Godiva, for "an authentic chocolate experience that enchants all senses."

 The six flavors are 42 percent milk chocolate, 68 percent dark chocolate, dark chocolate and toasted coconut, dark chocolate with orange peel and ginger, milk chocolate hazelnut crisp, and blonde chocolate with salted caramel.

"We created this collection with the spirit of a master mixologist in mind; inventing an array of vibrant flavors to blend with the Mexican origin cocoa beans," Jean Apostoulou, Godiva's chef chocolatier, said in a press release. "We wanted to ensure that every bar would take chocolate lovers on a special journey of taste and texture."

In a private tasting for The Daily Meal, we thought the "classic" varieties were two of the more noteworthy bars. The milk chocolate was more complex without being waxy or overly sweet as most American milk chocolates tend to be. The dark chocolate bar, meanwhile had a fairly high cacao percentage but was surprisingly smooth with overt berry notes and no bitterness — a dark chocolate trait that usually turns off cacao novices.

Surprisingly, the standout bar was the blonde, which combines caramelized milk chocolate with white chocolate for a smoky and silky flavor profile. The crunchy salted caramel pieces set us over the edge into "must-buy" territory.

You can by G by Godiva for about $7 per bar at Godvia stores or wherever Godiva chocolates are sold.