The Daily Dish: Chipotle Faces Lawsuit Over Misleading Calorie Counts on Menu

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The Daily Dish - November 25, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Friday, November 25, 2016.

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Chipotle Faces Lawsuit Over Misleading Calorie Counts on Menu

A Chipotle store in Los Angeles has been slapped with a class action lawsuit filed by three customers on charges of publishing false nutritional information. An in-store advertisement alleged that the new chorizo burrito had only 300 calories, when, in reality, a burrito with “the works” is closer to 1,100 calories, almost quadruple the amount originally listed. A calorie calculator provided by Chipotle actually confirmed the discrepancy. The accusers seek unspecified damages in the case. Chipotle will not comment on pending litigation, according to CNBC. It did, however, respond to users briefly via Twitter:

"I'm sorry for the confusion, but we'll make things more clear next time," the company responded in one tweet. "The 300 calories is for the chorizo."


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Anthony Bourdain Heckled by Protestor Who Accused Him of Eating Dogs

TV personality and grumpy food celebrity Anthony Bourdain may be known for voraciously exploring the wide, weird world of culinary delicacies in his show Parts Unknownbut even he has boundaries. During a recent stand-up tour date in San Francisco, Bourdain was verbally accosted by a heckler who called him out for allegedly eating dog meat. Bourdain immediately shot the protestor down with a few pointed insults of his own, saying he “likes dogs but how much worse could they be than kale?” and that he might “shoot a puppy in the foot today.” The next day, Bourdain confirmed in an interview with Eater that he has never eaten dog meat. He explained his somewhat complex and hypocritical views on the matter in a 2011 interview, stating that his refusal to eat domesticated dog or cat was a personal one, and that the only exception would be if he were a guest in someone’s home and dog meat was the only food they could offer him. 



Starbucks Japan Introduces Hot Baked Apple Drinks

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American Starbucks fans, prepare to be jealous: Starbucks Japan now has Hot Baked Apple Lattes and Baked Apple Frappuccinos. The latte is made with warmed apple juice, apple sauce that contains pieces of caramelized apple, and brown sugar, before being topped with espresso and whipped cream. The drinks will be available in participating Starbucks locations across Japan from Dec. 1 to 25. The latte costs 460 yen ($4.14) for a tall size and 500 yen ($4.50) for a grande. The Frappuccino is only available in one size and costs 540 yen ($4.86).