Starbucks Japan Introduces Hot Baked Apple Drinks

The Baked Apple Frappuccino and Hot Baked Apple latte comes to Starbucks in Japan this winter just in time for the holidays

As if you needed yet another Starbucks addiction to contend with during the winter months.

American Starbucks fans, prepare to be jealous: We may have Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog lattes here, but Starbucks Japan now has Hot Baked Apple Lattes and Baked Apple Frappuccinos to enjoy.This seasonal flavor is an addition to Starbucks Japan’s gingerbread house-themed holiday menu featuring Snow Pecan Nut-flavored drinks and Crispy Gingerbread-flavored drinks.

The new baked apple drinks are supposed to represent the apple ornaments that sometimes adorn the outside of a gingerbread house, according to Rocket News 24. The Hot Baked Apple latte is made with warmed apple juice, apple sauce that contains pieces of caramelized apple, burnt butter, and brown sugar, before being topped with espresso and whipped cream.


The drinks will be available in participating Starbucks locations across Japan from Dec. 1 to 25. The latte costs 420 yen (about $3.79) for a short size, 460 yen ($4.14) for a tall, 500 yen ($4.50) for a grande, and 540 yen ($4.86) for a venti. The Frappuccino is only available in one size and costs 540 yen ($4.86).