Chipotle Faces Lawsuit Over Misleading Calorie Counts on Menu

Chipotle is fighting a class action lawsuit alleging that its menu has falsely advertised the amount of calories in burrito

That burrito will actually cost you about quadruple the calories listed. 

Does a 300-calorie Chipotle burrito sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. A Chipotle store in Los Angeles has been slapped with a class action lawsuit filed by three customers on charges of publishing false nutritional information.

An in-store advertisement alleged that the new chorizo burrito had only 300 calories, when, in reality, a burrito with “the works” (rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, and cheese) is more like 1,100 calories, almost quadruple the amount originally listed. A calorie calculator provided by Chipotle actually confirmed the discrepancy. The accusers seek unspecified damages in the case. Chipotle will not comment on pending litigation, according to CNBC.

It did, however, respond to users briefly via Twitter:

"I'm sorry for the confusion, but we'll make things more clear next time," the company responded in one tweet. "The 300 calories is for the chorizo."


This is just one of many lawsuits that have hit Chipotle over the past year and a half, starting with a serious of legal issues following an outbreak of foodborne illness that led to dozens of hospitalizations. Since then, Chipotle has been on a mission to revamp its image with new food safety guidelines and the opening of a fast-casual burger eatery.