18 Costco Items Every Parent Should Know About

Add these to your Costco shopping list

You already know Costco is the best. You can find impressive deals, buy in bulk, and top the whole shopping excursion off with a tasty hot dog or a slice of pizza. But what you may not know, is that there are some Costco items that are absolutely perfect for anyone with children.

18 Costco Items Every Parent Should Know About Gallery

Kids love snacking, crafting, ketchup, and toys, and they go through all of those things quickly. Luckily Costco, one of our favorite go-to spots for one-stop shopping sells these items (and many in bulk) at affordable prices. You won’t break the bank cleaning, feeding, dressing, and entertaining your kids, and you won’t have to come back half as often to re-stock.

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We’ve selected 18 Costco items every parent needs to know about, because these afforable bulk items will make their lives easier. Whether you’re picking up dinner, re-stocking the pantry, or finding craft supplies and a birthday cake big enough to feed a class of 40 people, Costco has got you covered with these 18 Costco items every parent should know about.