The Original Gerber Baby Met the First-Ever Gerber Baby With Down Syndrome

Baby meets former baby

Anne Turner Cook, the original Gerber Baby, met Lucas Warren while he was vacationing in Florida.

Ninety-one-year-old Anne Turner Cook, who is the face of the original Gerber baby, met 2018 Gerber spokesbaby Lucas Warren, the first-ever baby with Down syndrome to represent the iconic brand. On June 2, the 1-year-old who made history in February went to Florida on a family vacation, and the baby food manufacturer arranged for him to meet Cook.

The newest spokesbaby posed in the lap of the first-ever face of the brand for a sweet photo that was documented on Twitter by Cook’s grandson Chris Colin. In the adorable photo, both former baby and current baby are smiling and looking just as happy and healthy as any Gerber baby should.

“My grandmother was the Gerber baby,” he tweeted. “It was a funny bit of trivia, never made her rich or got us free strained peas or anything. But last week she got to meet the company's newest spokesbaby, named Lucas. Pretty pretttty cute.”

Cook even signed what appeared to be autographs for the Warren family.


The smiling blonde baby beat out over 140,000 applicants for the title with his “winning smile and joyful expression” according to Gerber’s President and CEO Bill Partyka. His family received $50,000 and Lucas’ sunny smile has been featured on Gerber’s social media channels throughout the year.

The 90-year age gap between these two only highlights that Gerber’s foods might be some of the 11 healthiest foods for your baby.