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Cup Noodle Invents 'Chicken Nugget and French Fry' Ramen

cup noodle

At-home ramen brand Cup Noodle has released a new ramen product that has put all of our favorite foods into one bowl. Nissin, Cup Noodle’s Japanese parent company has officially rolled out a ramen that combines chicken nuggets and fries with ramen soup and noodles.

Called the Cup Noodle Pote-Nage Big, the soup, which you make at home with hot water, is full of scrambled eggs, green onions, noodles, spicy soup base, chicken nuggets, and peeled potatoes (which in this case serve as “fries”). The cup is 3.3 ounces of soup, which is bigger than a regular 2.7-ounce Cup Noodle soup.

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Japanese website RocketNews24 was able to try the product and said, “The chicken nuggets are small in size, but pack plenty of flavor with their spicy breading, and their meat is moist and tender all the way to the center.”

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If that didn’t tempt you, they also described the fries as having “an enticing aroma” and said they are “soft and delicious.”

Pote-Nage Big is currently only available in Japan, but we remain hopeful that we can one day purchase the item in America. Until then, the ramen remains one of the 10 things we wish we could buy from a Japanese vending machine.