Costco Stops Selling Polish Hot Dogs and Customers Are Angry

Will outcry from fans get the chain to reconsider?
Costco Polish hot dog

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Costco's Polish hot dog is no more.

The Costco food court is getting a healthy makeover — and shoppers aren’t happy. The fan favorite Polish hot dog is getting the ax in favor of options like organic burgers and açai bowls.

Costco’s regular all-beef hot dog will stay on the menu, no doubt because the warehouse chain sells over 100 million of them annually. The chain, known for its food and drink bargains, hasn’t raised the $1.50 price of the hot dog and soft drink combo since its launch in the mid-1980s. They’re likely to keep that deal in place as a way to retain regular costumers.

But that news hasn’t done much to appease enraged Costco shoppers. Fans of the Polish hot dog (also known as kielbasa) took to Twitter and Instagram to express their feelings, telling the store (dramatically) “You are ruining my life.” Many noted the nostalgia factor, writing “Shame on you for destroying the 30year tradition” and “My entire childhood is eating a polish hot dog after shopping at Costco.” Social media users rallied around the hashtag #SaveThePolishDog, with some threatening to cancel their membership unless it’s brought back.

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Competitors were quick to court Costco fans with their own spicy meat offerings. Sam’s Club took advantage of the news to announce that they’ll be selling Polish hot dogs in their cafes for 99 cents starting July 23. Hot dog chain restaurant Wienerschnitzel wrote on Twitter, “Costco may be taking away their polish dog but we would never do that to you guys... Polish Dogs have been at Wienerschnitzel for over 50 years and aren't going anywhere.”

All hope is not lost for Costco-shopping Polish hot dog lovers; the warehouse store will still sell them in bulk. And if you’re taking a trip north, Costco Canada has confirmed they won’t be making food court menu changes.

Gabriel Galapate of Vallejo, California, started a petition to bring back the Polish hot dog that’s garnered over 11,000 signatures. He told The Daily Meal he’s been eating the sausage since he was a kid during his family’s weekly trips to the bargain store. “The go-to for me was always the Costco Polish dog because it had more taste than the regular hot dog. The removal of the Polish dog leaves a void in the menu,” he said.

If you can’t quite get over this food court change, you can always pick up some
boozy popsicles the next time you’re at Costco. They may not remove your hankering for a Polish dog, but they’re sure to brighten your mood along with these other Costco food court secrets and menu items.