15 Best Restaurants in Arizona

Arizona is home to some of North America’s most historic foodways and some truly amazing restaurants

The beauty of Arizona can be found all around you, including in these restaurants.

Arizona is home to some of our nation’s oldest foodways and possesses one of the most diverse collections of both wild and farm-raised heritage flora and fauna in the country. Corn and squash cultivation in the region can be traced back over four millennia, and today, the state’s famers grow more than 150 types of heirloom fruits, grains, and vegetables.

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The abundance of all these delicious natural resources means that when they’re paired with excellent culinary execution, the results can be both awe-inspiring and life-altering. It’s no wonder, then, that Arizona plays host to some truly awesome gastronomic experiences — many of which have been recognized by some of the most prestigious publications and foundations in the industry, such as James Beard.


When compiling this list, we certainly took national press and awards into account, but we also consulted public forums such as Yelp, Google, and OpenTable; we made sure to speak to our eyes and ears on the ground to let us in on the local buzz. So click through and read on to find out the 15 not-to-be-missed restaurants in Arizona.