Easy Cocktail Recipes That Pair Perfectly With Dinner

When you sit down for dinner, there are many different beverages you can choose to have at the table with you, from a cold glass of water to a fizzy soda to a craft beer. But if you're looking to elevate your meal, consider these cocktails that will pair perfectly with dinner.

Meyer Lemon Margaritas

You can't go wrong with a margarita. This cocktail recipe takes the citrus flavor from a lemon instead of a lime, but then keeps it simple with tequila, triple sec and salt. It can pair perfectly with any of our best-ever Mexican recipes.

For the Meyer Lemon Margaritas recipe, click here.

Vida Verde's Gimme Mora Cocktail

Delicious berries and mint mixed with tequila and lime juice sounds like a pretty good time. The fresh ingredients in this cocktail would go great with a night of eating chips and guacamole. Make sure you learn how to make your guacamole last longer so you can enjoy this combo for several nights in a row.

For the Vida Verde's Gimme Mora Cocktail recipe, click here.

Kombucha Whiskey Ginger Smash

If kombucha is your thing, then you will love this whiskey ginger smash. Along with the ginger kombucha, this recipe adds whiskey and lemon juice to make a perfect drink to enjoy with a hearty protein like perfectly grilled steak or meatloaf.

For the Kombucha Whiskey Ginger Smash recipe, click here.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Drinking a fruity daiquiri can help cool down your taste buds while eating dishes that use some of the world's hottest hot sauces. This daiquiri recipe combines frozen strawberries, white rum, lime juice and sugar.

For the Strawberry Daiquiri recipe, click here.

Diane Crump Blackberry Mint Julep

Anyone wearing a wacky hat at the Kentucky Derby will probably also be sipping on a cool mint julep. This take on the cocktail uses Kentucky's official fruit, blackberry, to add an extra pop of color to the classic bourbon, simple syrup and mint mixture.

For the Diane Crump Blackberry Mint Julep recipe, click here.

Peach Sangria

Red sangria goes well with red meat, so this cocktail will taste amazing along with the perfect steak. This concoction uses orange juice, cinnamon and sliced peaches.

For the Peach Sangria recipe, click here.

The Bee's Knees

This clean and refreshing cocktail tastes great with a platter of cheeses from around the world. It's simple to make with gin, lemon juice and honey.

For The Bee's Knees recipe, click here.

The Finlandia Oaks Lily

The oaks lily is a direct competitor of the iconic Kentucky Derby cocktail the mint julep. It's not your typical vodka cranberry as it also includes triple sec and sweet and sour mix.

For the Finlandia Oaks Lily recipe, click here.

Desert Gold

This cocktail is packed with sweet and spicy flavors as the sweet mango cubes clash with the spicy cucumber-chile shrub. Tequila lovers will enjoy this drink with tacos and other Mexican dishes.

For the Desert Gold recipe, click here.

Lucky Roots Cocktail

This wonderful blend of lemongrass-infused gin, mango and yuzu pairs wonderfully with a seafood dinner.

For the Lucky Roots Cocktail recipe, click here.

Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

This fruity mango raspberry bellini is a delightful drink to enjoy with any meal. It's a blend of prosecco with fresh mangoes and raspberries to create a sweetness that can contrast with food that uses the spiciest hot sauces in the world.

For the Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini recipe, click here.

Jungle Cat

This cocktail is packed with tropical flavors from fresh pineapple juice, lime juice and gin. Gin is a great palate cleanser while eating sushi and sashimi.

For the Jungle Cat recipe, click here.

Mint to Bee

This take on a classic mojito replaces rum with vodka while keeping the rest of the elements to make the iconic cocktail. Pair this cocktail with grilled shrimp or other grilled dishes to balance the flavors of mint and lime juice.

For the Mint to Bee recipe, click here.

Matt’s Margarita

This cocktail recipe uses lime juice, a shot of tequila and maple syrup, making it the perfect concoction to wash down spicy food. The lime in this drink is not only a great match with the spices in Mexican food, but also those found in Cajun dishes like gumbo.

For the Matt's Margarita recipe, click here.

Southern Sweet Tea Jam

While you're savoring the flavors of some classic Southern foods, you'll want to have this spiked sweet tea on the side to wash everything down. This twist on Southern sweet tea uses strawberry jam, lemon juice and sweet tea vodka.

For the Southern Sweet Tea Jam recipe, click here.

Spicy Ginger Mare-garita

The ginger simple syrup in this cocktail pairs perfectly with seafood dishes like sushi. The drink is made of tequila, lime juice, ginger and a kick of jalapeno with added Tajín seasoning along the rim for extra spice.

For the Spicy Ginger Mare-garita recipe, click here.

Woodford Spire

Looking for a quick and easy drink to enjoy while you're grilling up some steaks, chicken and more? The Woodford Spire can be made in just two minutes — all you need is bourbon, lemonade and cranberry juice.

For the Woodford Spire recipe, click here.

Rosemary Pear Mimosas

Even if you're whipping up the absolute best brunch recipes, your meal is incomplete without a mimosa. But instead of using orange juice, this recipe combines Champagne and rosemary with pear juice.

For the Rosemary Pear Mimosas recipe, click here.

Limoncello Spritz

This light and refreshing cocktail is made out of limoncello, Champagne, club soda and slices of grapefruit, blood orange and mandarin orange. The bubbly makes it a great drink to enjoy during any weeknight dinner.

For the Limoncello Spritz recipe, click here.

Giddy-up Grapefruit Sour

This classic sour cocktail offers a little extra punch. With jalapeno simple syrup added to tequila, grapefruit and lime juice, this drink can be enjoyed on the side of some popular Tex-Mex dishes or sushi. While you're sipping these libations, you can also learn more about the fascinating origins of your favorite cocktails.

For the Giddy-up Grapefruit Sour recipe, click here.

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