9 Outrageous Kentucky Derby Hats (Slideshow)

Check out these conspicuous and semi-delicious looking Derby hats

Breakfast Hat


Don a British breakfast hat — literally for your Derby party! If you want to make one like this at home, head to your local toy store. Purchase all the plastic food you can, a hot glue gun, a huge straw hat, and get to gluing!

Shrimp Hat


For a pick and peel look, check out this shrimp accessory.

Chocolate Cupcake Hat


You’ll give everyone a sweet tooth with this adorable Derby-perfect hat!

Fruit Hat


You’ll look like a chic version of the Chiquita Banana Lady with this hat

Skillet Hat


Fry up a look unlike anyone else's at the Derby this year with this hilarious hat. 

Salad Hat


Have a healthy look with this nutritious hat

Cheese Hat


Rock a cheesehead like a true Wisconsin fan with this hilarious hat

Doughnut Hat


Hi. We love you. Can we be your best friend forever and have a piece of your hat?

Stilton Hat

Eat Me Daily

This super huge (and likely super stinky) Stilton cheese hat  would definitely turn a few heads at the Kentucky Derby.


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Check out these conspicuous and semi-delicious looking Derby hats
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