Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy With These 11 Dessert Recipes

When all the trick or treaters dissipate, the faux cob webs clear, and your plastic cauldron is still overflowing with Halloween treats, we have the dessert recipes you need to keep that sugar-high going strong.

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Maybe you didn't quite get around to making your own candy this year, but that doesn't mean you can't turn your leftover loot into gourmet post-Halloween treats.

Every year Americans buy 600 million pounds of Halloween candy, but where does all of that candy end up? Well, you can't eat it all; we have a theory that many Americans find themselves with a glut of Halloween treats on November 1. Luckily, there are numerous ways to use up everything from leftover candy corn to fun-sized candy bars in delicious desserts.

The Daily Meal has rounded up 11 of its favorite ways to use up leftover Halloween candy. From simple trail mix to an elaborate upside-down cake, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your Halloween loot from mere candy to tasty gourmet treats.

Candy Bar Croissantscrescent rolls

These croissants taste as good as they look. This rich, buttery treat combines convenient refrigerated and chocolate bars. — Taste of Home

For the Candy Bar Croissants recipe, click here.Candy Corn Clustersmarshmallows.

 This delicious post-Halloween treat combines leftover candy corn, peanuts, chocolate chips, and

For the Candy Corn Clusters recipe, click here.

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