How to Tell If These 10 Summer Foods Are Ripe

Pick the perfect produce every time
Tips for Buying Farmer's Market Produce

Hillary Sterling and Missy Robbins of A Voce give their purchasing tips and tricks

How to Tell If These 10 Summer Foods Are Ripe


Do you know what to look for when you’re buying fresh fruits and vegetables?

Has this ever happened to you? You buy a cart-full of fruits and vegetables only to find a day or two later that they have all turned brown and mushy? If it has, then you may have purchased produce that was overly ripe.

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In general, choosing ripe produce is a matter of common sense — it’s usually easy to choose ripe fruits and vegetables based on a combination of visual cues, scents, and by handling the produce — but some foods can be tricky. Some don’t give off a strong aroma when ripe, for example, and with others, the color of their skin may not be a good indicator of ripeness.

If you’re buying produce at a farmer’s market, ask if you can buy a very small quantity and taste it before you buy in bulk — some farmers will allow you to purchase one berry, for example, so that you can get a taste before investing in the entire container.

If you’re buying produce at a conventional supermarket, however, you’ll have to rely on your other senses — taste won’t be an option. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick guide for determining the ripeness of 10 of summer’s most delicious fruits and vegetables.


Don’t judge an avocado solely by its color. Although a dark color can mean that an avocado is ripe, its firmness is a better indicator. A ripe avocado will yield slightly under light pressure but will not feel mushy.



Like other root vegetables, beets should never be soft. Make sure you choose firm, colorful beets that are stored (and sold) in a dry place — if beets are stored in a moist environment, they’ll go bad more quickly.

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