14 Barbecue and Grilling Secrets From America's Barbecue Champions


14 Barbecue and Grilling Secrets From America's Barbecue Champions

Keep reading to find out everything you didn’t know about barbecue and grilling from experts across the country

The smell of smoking meats, the heat from the grill, it’s what summers and good weather are made for. Don’t let the good vibes at your next cookout be ruined by charred chicken, a crust of burnt barbecue sauce coating your otherwise tender ribs, or dry, tasteless pulled pork.

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We love grilling and smoking meats as much as the next cook, but all that time cooking indoors doesn’t necessarily prepare you for cooking on a grill. Sure, it seems simple enough, and we love the easy cleanup after cooking our whole meal al fresco, but there are things experts know that take your backyard cooking from experimental to downright delicious.

To help us achieve Pitmaster-level good food, we asked some experts what they think the most important secrets are to making great food on the grill. Our experts weighed in with tips ranging from how to shop for ingredients to their favorite tools to use to how to prep your meat for success every time.

This year before you fire up the grill, consider reading through these expert tips from America’s barbecue champions, chefs, and grilling experts so that your day cooking outside turns out perfectly cooked ribs, steaks, burgers, pork shoulder, and more.

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