Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking and Cutting Meat

Quick fixes for all-too-common meat mistakes you’re probably still making
Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking and Cutting Meat

Five easy ways to improve the way you cook meat.

Cross contamination. If you put a piece of raw meat down anywhere (cutting board, dish, kitchen counter) the surface has to be cleaned and sanitized.
Sanitize after handling raw meat to avoid cross contamination.

Under-seasoning. Meat takes a lot of seasoning, so don’t be scared when adding salt and pepper. The grains of salt on the meat should be clearly visible. This is also a good time to use flaky salt like fleur de sel or Maldon.
Avoid under-seasoning meat.
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Shying away from marinades. Marinades are an easy way to add a lot of flavor, and acid helps tenderize. Mix equal parts oil and acid and add in salt (or soy sauce) along with any other seasonings like garlic, herbs, and spices, and then marinate for a few hours or overnight.
Marinade meat for extra flavor.
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Not resting the meat. This allows for the juices to redistribute, and avoids a plate of meat juices leaking into the potatoes. And no, it won’t get cold while you rest it.
Rest meat before slicing.
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Cut against the grain. If you’ve gone through all of the trouble of making yourself a delicious steak, don’t forget to use a sharp knife to cut against the grain for tender bites.
Slice meat against the grain.
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