How to Make Restaurant-Quality Burgers at Your Backyard Barbecue

Never suffer through a bland burger at home again with this easy guide to grilling burgers
How to Make Restaurant-Quality Burgers at Your Backyard Barbecue


Top your finished burger with as many or as few toppings as you prefer.

What’s more iconic than the burger in American cuisine? No matter where I am in the world, sometimes I just need a burger, as stereotypical American as that might sound. There is a reason burgers are one of the most popular foods to cook on a grill. Even burger-giant McDonald’s lost track of how many burgers it has sold. The last known tally taken in 1994 claimed 99 billion burgers had been sold by the fast food chain.

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Yet, many of us struggle to recapture the taste of our favorite restaurant-quality burger at home. Whether you want a thick steakhouse-style burger or thin, stacked Shake Shack-esque patty sandwiched between a soft roll, there are some pointers to help you make your favorite flavorful burger right in your own backyard.

From how and when to season to selecting the perfect grind of meat, we have an easy-to-follow 13-step process that will yield tender, juicy burgers every time you have a craving for this American classic.

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