3 Nutella Recipes That Are Better Than Love

Having a hard time committing to one dessert? We have the perfect solution — try these Nutella filled recipes. In comparison to these, no other dessert will ever satisfy you. 

Creamy Nutella Shot

If pouring vodka into a jar of Nutella was a thing, we would have tried it by now. This cocktail offers that would-be concept in shot form, which is genius if you ask us. — Fabiana Santana

For the Creamy Nutella Shot recipe, click here.

Crispy Nutella and Peanut Butter Wontons

Dumplings come in many shapes and with many fillings; we are pretty excited to put a sweet and gooey spin on them. The texture contrast is everything here: Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread, and peanut butter serve as the creamy center in these crisp, shallow-fried wonton wrappers. To order easy-to-make, fun dessert recipes and pre-portioned ingredients, head to Plated. — Plated

For the Crispy Nutella and Peanut Butter Wontons recipe, click here.

Slow-Cooker Coconut-Nutella Pudding Cake

Fact: Anything with Nutella is awesome. Need I say more? This cake is decadent, delicious, and perfect with vanilla ice cream. Or better yet, with coconut ice cream. That would be awesome. Five stars — double it, if you're having company. — Karen Petersen

For the Slow-Cooker Coconut-Nutella Pudding Cake recipe, click here.