11 Foods That Are Perfect for Your Child’s Lunchbox


Photo Modified: Flickr / kae71463 / CC BY 4.0

Corn dog muffins - perfect snack for your kids lunchbox.

School is almost back in session, which means it’s time to worry about what you’re going to put in your kid’s lunchbox. While it’s tempting to just pack them store-bought snacks like Lay’s and Lunchables, there are so many delicious and nutritious homemade foods to consider.

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All kids love Lunchables, but did you know you can make them at home? It’s easy — for pizza Lunchables, make a mini pizza crust with store-bought dough and add their favorite toppings. A simple and healthy alternative to dough? Whole-wheat tortillas. Top the tortillas with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni and your kids will conquer the day at full speed. If they are more the ham-and-cheese type, pack Ritz crackers, chunks of ham, and Cheddar for them to assemble. Other lunchbox options include pinwheel sandwiches, muffins (mac and cheese, corn, or blueberry), and healthy granola bars. For a full meal, pack a sweet snack like The Daily Meal’s Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies; a main dish such as pinwheels with turkey, cheese, and veggies; and a delicious serving of fruit. Filling your kid’s lunchbox got a whole lot easier.

Amazing Black Bean Brownies

Shutterstock / Nataliya Arzamasova

Delicious fudge brownies made with black beans.

Let’s face it: Your kids want something sweet in their lunchboxes. Luckily, sweets don’t have to be unhealthy. This one is loaded with hearty ingredients, like black beans. “Don't be scared by the black beans — I made this and will never go back to normal brownies again,” says a special contributor for The Daily Meal. For the Amazing Black Bean Brownies recipe, click here.

Apple Turtles

Bolthouse Farms

Fruit that is turned into a 'turtle' - made of apples and grapes.

Check out this cute and delicious snack that’ll brighten up your kid’s lunchbox. The turtles are made of grapes and Granny Smith apples — even the pickiest of eaters will devour them. For the Apple Turtles recipe, click here.