11 Dishes From Classic Disney Movies Come to Life

Re-watch your favorite Disney films, because they’re bound to have food moments in them that will make your stomach growl

‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Lady and the Tramp,’ and ‘Monsters, Inc.’ are just a few of the Disney films with delectable-looking food that you can recreate at home. 

When you reminisce about your childhood, you probably remember nap time at school, fun-packed sleepovers, and watching Disney movies over and over. There have been so many Disney classics over the years that there was bound to be something for everyone. If you were princess-driven, then you probably loved CinderellaSleeping Beauty, and Snow White. For the gents in the room, there was Toy StoryWinnie the Pooh, and Aladdin. But they all had one common denominator that we may not have noticed when we were kids, but is always on our minds now: food.

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We’ve already rounded up 91 Disney Food Moments for you to peruse. One of our favorites? In Beauty and the Beast, when pastries, cake, teapots, and Champagne all participate in the “Be Our Guest” musical number. Once you’ve watched a few Disney movies, you may start to get a little hungry, but maybe your best solution isn’t popcorn. The Daily Meal has rounded up 11 recipes that are reminiscent of the magical food of Disney. Now, you can eat like the princes and princesses of your favorite films. If you’re craving bread like Aladdin, make this hearty black bread. If you want to be as generous as he is, bake a few extra loaves to take to your nearest food bank.

Food moments in Disney films go on and on — the beast dining on porridge with Belle, Goofy fighting over a can of alphabet soup, and Rémy, Ratatouille’s food-loving rat, getting caught seasoning the stock. Want to make stock like Rémy? Here’s a recipe to teach you how. Want to hear more about classic Disney films that have food moments in them? Read on — we’ve even provided matching recipes.

‘A Goofy Movie’

Max and Goofy in A Goofy Movie needed to fuel up — what better way to do so than with a giant breakfast? Goofy enjoys eggs, bacon, and a stack of pancakes. Your pancakes probably never come out as perfect as Goofy’s enormous stack, but this recipe comes close.



In Aladdin, our hero gives his half-eaten bread to an orphan on the street. If you’re looking for something that you can take to a homeless shelter, bread is the perfect choice. Try making our Zucchini Bread — it’s a quick and simple recipe, and you can make a few batches with no effort.