10 Sweet and Savory Ways to Enjoy Watermelon from 10 Sweet and Savory Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

10 Sweet and Savory Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

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10 Sweet and Savory Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect fruit for summer. It keeps you feeling refreshed, and it’s super sweet. We don’t think of fruit as ideal for savory applications, but watermelon is delicious in both sweet desserts and savory entrées. 

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Halibut with Watermelon Salsa

Light and flaky, halibut is an ideal choice for a simple summer dinner. Here, halibut steaks are marinated in a watermelon-raspberry vinaigrette, quickly grilled, and then topped with refreshingly tart watermelon salsa. For the Halibut with Watermelon Salsa recipe, click here.

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Spicy Pickled Watermelon Rind with Ginger and Lime

Making pickled watermelon rinds is a great way to use the whole watermelon and enjoy this summer fruit in a savory context. This classic Southern summertime preserve is a real mouthful that mellows over time, so it's best to pickle in the summer and enjoy in the fall as a snack or garnish. Usually made with cloves, ginger, and allspice, this version adds some kick with little dried red chiles and lime zest. For the Spicy Pickled Watermelon Rind with Ginger and Lime recipe, click here.


Spiked Watermelon Balls

These spiked watermelon balls pack a punch of rum and a twist of lime. Keep cool this summer — and remember to share! There are many types of melon ballers that give different shapes, so experiment in the kitchen and drench this fruit in a curtain of summer rum for adult fun. For the Spiked Watermelon Balls recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Gazpacho

If you are looking to use watermelon in a savory preparation, make a watermelon gazpacho. Gazpacho is usually a tomato-based soup that is made with raw vegetables or fruit and served cold. This  refreshing watermelon recipe by Haylie Duff is just right for family gatherings or your next dinner party. For the Watermelon Gazpacho recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Jenga

Looking for a girls' night recipe? This is the one. Sip some drinks, eat summery food, and attempt to grab a piece of feta or watermelon from the bottom of the tower. This simple recipe by Haylie Duff tastes delicious, and the presentation is super fun. For the Watermelon Jenga recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Lemonade

This beautifully colored sipper elevates your neighborhood lemonade stand. Be sure to taste the watermelon first. If it's very sweet, reduce the sugar. Offer some refreshment to the planet and economy by going organic and local when you can. For the Watermelon Lemonade recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Lime Shake

The watermelon flavor is subtle, and the lime is a zingy, refreshing complement, making this the best picnic milkshake ever. Try to find the ripest, juiciest, and sweetest watermelon around. If you are using a watermelon with seeds, pick out most of them, but leaving a few is OK; they will get chopped up and lend a pretty black speckle to the shake. For the Watermelon Lime Shake recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Patch Boozy Pop

Nothing beats the heat like the combination of watermelon and tequila. When you need a sweet watermelon recipe to cool you down, grab a boozy ice pop. For the Watermelon Patch Boozy Pop recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

If you want a simple lunch recipe with your favorite fruit, make a watermelon salad with cilantro and lime vinaigrette. You can even grill your watermelon before you toss it into the salad to impart a charred flavor. For the Watermelon Salad with Cilantro recipe, click here.

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Watermelon Salad with Mint and Queso Fresco

Watermelon, even though it's one of the sweeter fruits out there, works incredibly well in savory applications. In this light and refreshing salad, it's partnered with a host of savory ingredients: mint, parsley, corn, queso fresco, onions, vinegar, and a couple of twists of freshly cracked black pepper. It's bright and summery, making it a perfect dish for any backyard barbecue. For the Watermelon Salad with Mint and Queso Fresco recipe, click here.

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10 Sweet and Savory Ways to Enjoy Watermelon