Marlene Ridgway

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Leland, North Carolina, United States
Buckhannon Upshur High School, Davis & Elkins College.
English Literature, Interior Designers, Artists, Travel Tips, Destination Travel
  • Marlene has been writing about interior design, artists, and home design trends for Unique Homes Magazine — an international luxury real estate magazine — since 2018, where she started as an ad coordinator and worked her way up to a freelance writer position.
  • Since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in English from Davis & Elkins College, Marlene has written for a variety of outlets that are similar to House Digest, including, Unique Homes Blog, and Keller Williams Luxury International magazine. They cover various topics, from travel and art to interior design and real estate market trends, and have enhanced her research and interview abilities needed for great writing.
  • Over the years, Marlene has honed her writing skills across online blog writing, print articles, and novels. She prides herself on creating readable and relatable content that readers will find not only helpful and brimming with tips, but also entertaining and well-written.


Marlene began her journey as a writer at Davis & Elkins College where she studied English and became the Chief Operating Officer of the student newspaper. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in English, Marlene began writing for several blogs and websites including Tourist Meets Traveler,, and her own personal blog Always reading, and with a love for DIY projects, Marlene has always gravitated toward websites and magazines that explore home projects and design trends.


Marlene knew even in high school that she wanted to be a writer, and immediately focused on that goal during her time at Davis & Elkins College. In addition to her Bachelor's Degree in English, Marlene was also the Chief Operating Officer of the student newspaper and the student yearbook. She also organized poetry contests, began writing a novel, worked in the student learning center as an English tutor, and earned a minor in History. Since graduating, Marlene has also taken short-term online courses for medical and short story writing.
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