Here's How To Snag A Free Limited-Edition Starbucks Straw This Summer

This summer, iconic coffee chain Starbucks is offering customers a fun way to improve their environmental impact. By visiting Starbucks on July 10 and placing an order for a cold handcrafted beverage, you could receive a special edition reusable straw absolutely free of charge (and here's what it means to order one of Starbucks' handcrafted drinks if you're unsure of what goes into them). Keep in mind that Starbucks is only giving out a limited quantity of these colorful straws, so you may need to order a beverage early to snag yours.

Along with placing an order within your preferred Starbucks location, customers can also get their very own straws when ordering via third-party delivery apps and on the store's app. All sizes of handcrafted beverages are eligible for a free straw, provided you opt for a cold drink instead of a hot one. Additionally, the free straw fits perfectly into the chain's cold cup lids and can be used with most of Starbucks' reusable cold cups.

Why reusable packaging is such a big deal at Starbucks

Plastic waste is a significant concern these days, especially when you consider the devastating impact that plastic pollution has on the environment and wildlife. In an effort to reduce these unwanted effects, Starbucks has taken certain steps to limit the amount of waste generated by its stores. For example, Starbucks recently revamped its disposable cold cups to limit the amount of plastic they contain. The coffee shop also takes the elimination of plastic waste one step further by emphasizing the use of reusable packaging in its locations.

Reusable straws are key in this waste-reduction strategy due to how harmful plastic straws can be when they're disposable. Unlike other types of plastic packaging, plastic straws can't be recycled and often make their way into bodies of water, where they do untold harm. By giving out free reusable straws, Starbucks encourages customers to reduce their plastic use when enjoying one of their many cold beverages this summer. And if you need assistance figuring out which cold beverage to order during your visit, here's Daily Meal's review of Starbucks' summer refreshers to inspire your selection.